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  • Rebecca Karalash

Home Staging Tip - Highlight the Storage in Your Home!

Storage may not be glamorous, but it is the practical side of a home that arguably every single buyer will look for. Everyone has "stuff", and finding a place to put this is paramount. While viewing the home, buyers will be snooping in closets, cupboards, cabinets, and garages trying to imagine their stuff fitting in the space. That’s why it’s so important to keep these areas clean, organized, and clutter free! A cluttered space adds to mental clutter which can leave the prospective buyer considering another property. Even if the home you’re selling doesn’t have a large designated storage space, you can still find ways to feature the storage it does have. Is there a bathroom cabinet? a food pantry? all storage spaces matter, no matter how small!, The National Home Association,, Remodeling Magazine, and countless other publications have done surveys on the biggest question every seller is asking - "what do home buyers want?". Among others, Storage space was highly requested by home buyers!

Clean the Space

Begin by sorting through all stored items. Chances are you will find things you haven't used in months that you can likely toss away or donate. The remaining items can be organized and tidied. While the storage space is free of your belongings, you’ll want to clean. Closets and cupboards often go unnoticed in your regular cleaning and tend to gather dust, pet hair, and in result can hold a dingy smell. Wipe down the walls and any shelving, be sure to vacuum and mop the floors, and look above for any dust or cobwebs that may have gathered over time. Buyers can be quickly turned off by dust and debris. This is one of the most important steps to staging any room in your home!

Store Items in Totes, Baskets, and Boxes

Purchase a few stackable containers. Instead of cramming belongings loosely in the space, opt for larger boxes, baskets, or plastic containers. This will make the space appear more functional and spacious.

Add Lighting

If the storage spaces doesn't have a light, consider adding affordable stick-on pot lights or strip lights. This will make storage spaces appear larger and provide your closets will a luxury finish.

Touch Ups Never Hurt

Storage spaces are neglected the most. Applying a fresh coat of paint and optimizing the space with appropriate shelving can be impactful. This is a great way to stand out! When making any changes remember to focus on brightening the areas to make them appear larger.

Use Décor to Send a Message

Keep kitchen counters clear and decorate sparingly on shelves and tables. Cluttered surface areas and hooks imply you may not have enough space to store items elsewhere. If you have lots of every day use items, head to your local dollar store to purchase baskets or decorative boxes to simplify the appearance of any cluttered areas.

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