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Rebecca is an experienced Realtor® with a wealth of industry knowledge. Credited for her hands-on, client-focused approach, she is dedicated to delivering outstanding results. Whether you're buying or selling, Rebecca provides personalized guidance and support every step of the way.

Her career history includes over 9 years of work with various local contractors and luxury home builders. Additionally, she has gained extensive experience in social media and related marketing over the years.
She has invested considerable time in acquiring diverse skills and mastering various programs to establish a solid entrepreneurial foundation. With a track record of collaborating with over 50 international brands through marketing, social media, and events, Rebecca has gained invaluable insights and experiences that have enriched her professional career.

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Rebecca's personal experiences also play a significant role in her client-centered approach. Having relocated throughout Winnipeg and across the country over  20 times (yes, you read that right!) she truly understands the stress and complexities associated with the entire moving process. This allows her to empathize with her clients' challenges, providing not only expert guidance but also genuine support during what can be an overwhelming and emotionally taxing time. By relating with her own experiences, Rebecca ensures that her clients feel understood and supported as they navigate the often daunting journey of buying, selling, or renting a property.

"Under asking and below assessment thanks to you!"

We always love working with professional, knowledgeable & hard-working agents like you, Rebecca.


Thanks again for making this purchase so seamless!


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